Health is about more than taking some vitamins and carrying on with your day! It’s about your habits, nutrition, mindset, movement and so many other factors. We understand that it can be hard to keep these things up, especially when you don’t have a support system around you to encourage you to stay on track. That is why here at AWH our team has a plan to get you back to feeling your best, judgement free!

If you are currently a patient, or were a patient in the past, and are hoping to get back on track we have the AWH Signature Reset Program for you!

In this extended Naturopathic visit you will review your health goals with Dr. Sarah and catch up on key areas such as energy, hormonal health, sleep, digestion, etc. In this visit Dr. Sarah will also be accompanied by AWH holistic nutritionist, Dee. Dee will be there to ask questions about your dietary preferences, lifestyle and goals for kitchen prep time etc.

Immediately after your consult you can expect to leave with an updated supplement and lifestyle plan, along with recommendations for any testing if necessary. Dr. Sarah and Dee will then review your nutrient and anti-inflammatory requirements and you will be sent a personalized meal plan or recipe book in the week following your visit. 

We understand that getting the advice is the easy part! Putting it into action is where life can get in the way. This is why we offer a quick phone or email check in 2 weeks after your initial visit to troubleshoot and keep you on track. 

Cost: $210

For more information, or to book your Signature Reset Program contact us today!

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