At Advanced Women’s Health we are passionate not only about providing exceptional care, but also about making it accessible. That is why we have recently started offering direct billing to your insurance company.

Current Services Covered by Direct Billing:

  • Naturopathic Medicine
  • Massage Therapy

Not Supported by Direct Billing:

  • Supplements
  • Testing

Many private insurers/group benefit plans offer full or partial coverage for Naturopathic Medicine and other allied healthcare services. If you have extended health benefits, we may be able to submit your claim electronically from our office. Not all plans or services are available for eClaims submission, for example some companies cover the cost of tests recommended by your Naturopathic Doctor whereas others do not. Most companies do not over the cost of supplementation, although there are rare companies who do. Please check your plan carefully for details or limitations.

If eClaims direct submission is not available for your plan or service rendered, we will gladly provide you with a paper or digital statement for paid service and you can submit manually. 

Please check the list below to ensure that your insurer is a participating member of Telus Health eClaims.

Ready to get started?

New Patients

Please fill in the contact form or contact us at 613-572-4294 to book your initial appointment.

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Returning Patients

To get started with your submission we will need you to fill in the following form. Please download the form, fill it out and submit to prior to your appointment.

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How does direct billing work?

You give us your policy number and ID (which is on your insurance pocket card), and we submit through the web portal (Telus Health eClaims). We will also require you to fill out some basic paperwork (listed above). The portal will give us the exact amount of money that is covered for that visit. If the visit isn’t fully covered through your plan, you will be required to pay the remaining portion. 

Will I ever have to pay upfront?


  • If your plan only covers a portion of the visit (ie. 80%), you will be responsible for paying the difference (ie. 20%) directly to the clinic.
  • If your plan does not cover a specific type of service. See below for what to ask your insurance company. 
  • If there is a deductible that you must pay prior to the insurance kicking in. See below for what to ask your insurance company. 
  • If you have reached your spending limit for your plan.
  • In the situation that your insurance company reimburses you instead of the clinic, or if the submission states that the beneficiary is unclear. In the later case you will be required to pay for the service and will be refunded if we receive the deposit. 

Can you check what my exact coverage is (ie. what services are covered, or the number of visits covered)?

No, the submission portal is designed to create submissions in real time.  The system is not designed to check limits/statements/policies, etc. If you want to check your statement, remaining balance, policy details, or deductible, please contact your insurance provider directly.

What if I have more than one insurance plan? Can you help coordinate them?

Unfortunately, at this time we can only bill one insurance plan per appointment. 

What questions should I ask my insurance provider to better understand my plan?

  • What is my coverage period?
  • What categories of services does my plan cover?
  • Do I have an annual deductible?
  • What is the maximum amount covered per year for each category? (ie. dollar amount)
  • Up to what amount is covered for each visit? Is this amount percentage based or a flat dollar rate? Is this amount different for initial visits versus return visits?
  • Are labs and diagnostics covered under Naturopathic services, or under another category such as a ‘flex or health spending’ account?
  • Do I have coverage for nutritional or herbal supplements recommended by a Naturopathic Doctor?
  • Do I have coverage for prescriptions?
  • Do I have a “health spending account” that can be used to cover the expenses that are not covered under my basic health plan?