Your skin and hair are a mirror to the health of the rest of your body! Did you know that early skin aging is often due to low antioxidants, or that bumpy dry skin can tell us about fat soluble vitamin deficiency? Hair changes can similarly tell us about your hormone balance, metabolic hormones, thyroid health and stress. You do not need to have a diagnosable skin condition or hair fall in order to get more youthful, glowing skin and a healthier body! 

In ‘I am Radiant’ our three step system will help you to understand your personal health factors that need to be considered on your optimal skin and hair journey. We will also be uncovering the information that you need to be proactive about your health and make the best dietary and supplement choices to achieve long standing health and beauty. 

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Wellness Plans

The Advanced Women’s Health I am Radiant Plan!

Phase 1 – Boost!

Education and empowerment are key features in proactive health. As we say, when you know you glow! In your initial appointment your Naturopathic Doctor will help to educate you as to how seemingly insignificant changes in your body could be indicating bigger changes on the way. 

In this phase we will be giving your already healthy habits a boost and ensuring that they are actually healthy for you as an individual! Your supplements and products will also be discussed to ensure they are doing what you hoped them to do. 

When it comes to skin, hair and nails it is important to take into consideration the health of your whole body, liver, digestive system, hormone balance and even your thyroid. No stone is unturned! Symptom free and optimal health are different things and so our goal is to help you to feel better than you imagined by ensuring that  your body is functioning optimally. 

At the end of this appointment you can expect to leave with:

  • Basic diet and lifestyle recommendations 
  • Personalized herbal and nutrient recommendations
  • Topical skin care recommendations that are gentle and effective
  • Where appropriate, in house testing for your adrenal health, gut health, and/or bioelectrical impedance analysis
  • Lab test recommendations (where appropriate) may include insulin and glucose testing, androgens, female sex hormones such as estradiol and progesterone, gut bacterial testing, inflammation investigations and liver and cholesterol testing. We use both functional tests and standard blood tests to come to understand your health better. 

After we receive the results of your testing your ND will explain all of the findings. No blanket normal statements here, we want to ensure you understand what it all means. From that point we will customize a meal system and supplements to your specific needs. 

Phase 2- Optimize

Optimization is the most exciting phase because this is where you get to enjoy the benefits of a personalized plan! Now that you have seen your test results you have a better understanding of key areas for improvement. As those things are corrected you can get used to your new and improved normal. The next step in your journey is to understand why those things came up and create a plan to prevent them from recurring. Do you have a genetic polymorphism that leads to you having high estrogen? Do you methylate poorly or have poor antioxidant status? Is it your environment that is contributing to symptoms? Or what about a mitochondrial, detox or gut bacterial issue? In Optimize we will be exploring all of these issues.

Finally, repeat testing will be completed to ensure that your customized meal plans and nutrient support are helping you to correct any imbalances. Remember, not only do we want your skin and hair to be clear, plump and full but we want you to have a healthy body behind those layers!

Phase 3- Radiate

Health is important to you, and it is important to us too! Our community values taking action and making choices that fuel their future and allow them to naturally feel like the best versions of themselves. In Phase 3 you will be invited to stay up to date with the latest health innovations through attending our webinars and events. We are also determined to keep you radiating wellness by offering our spot treatments. Work a bit too hard and feeling burnt out- we have a treatment for that! Go a little over the top with the indulgent treats and beverages, we have hangover support and sugar reset programs (yup, we are realistic!). Need an energy boost, we have our vitamin shots for you! No matter where you are in your health journey we will be there by your side cheering you on!

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