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At Advanced Women’s Health we understand that Naturopathic Medicine means a lot of things to a lot of people. Did you know that in Ontario Naturopathic Doctors can prescribe certain pharmaceutical medications and send you for lab work through Lifelabs or Dynacare? (These labs aren’t OHIP covered, ask your insurance if they cover labs run by and ND!) Our team of Naturopathic Doctors also works closely with many Medical Doctors, Specialists and other allied health care providers. 

The NDs at Advanced Women’s Health take pride in providing Naturopathic care that complements and integrates the care that you have received from other professionals. If you have ever left a doctor’s visit and felt confused about what the information meant or where to go next, our team can support you. 

To our team, Naturopathic Medicine provides a way for us to support our patients with a proper diagnosis and workup, evidence based treatments and an appointment where you will be listened to, understood and supported in all aspects of your health. 

With AWH you can expect:

  • Thorough investigation. We leave no stone unturned, we will run lab work and ask the hard questions
  • To be heard! Foundationally, we believe you and your symptoms and our familiarity with the research allows us to connect the dots for you.
  • Comprehensive plans. In each visit we make recommendations for supplements, customized dietary recommendations, movement and lifestyle practices. We also use a lot of labs and data to drive success. 
  • Data and more information about your body! In order to practice in line with the research, which we value around here, we need to have labs, data and numbers to properly diagnose you and monitor your progress.

Benefits of working with an AWH Naturopathic Doctor?

When you work with our team of Naturopathic Doctors you can expect not only to be heard and supported, but also thoroughly investigated. Being evidence based in how we practice means that we love data, blood tests etc, to help us to understand what is going on and provide you with the understanding and information you need to thrive! You get to be in the driver’s seat, truly understanding your body and working with us to customize a dietary, lifestyle and supplement plan that works perfectly with your life and goals.

When you work with one of our NDs you also get the support of a whole team! Our collaborative approach to care means that we work together as a group to ensure you have the best investigation and treatment possible. It also means that we can adapt with you as your healthcare needs change. Our philosophy is, the more brilliant minds under one roof, the better results for you, the patient!

Common Conditions that we Treat

When hormonal imbalance and inflammation collide it can feel like chaos ensues! This often results in symptoms such as digestive issues, mood changes, fatigue, weight changes, PMS, #period problems, nasty symptoms during perimenopause and so many other symptoms that we lovingly group into the ‘Itty Bitty Shitty Committee (IBSC)’. You know you have the IBSC when you have a whole bunch of symptoms that up until now you have been told are ‘normal’, ‘not connected’ or just ‘aging’. If you don’t feel at home in your body then most often with a bit of diagnostic work and good support, we can help you to understand what is going on and get you feeling like yourself again!

As I said above, although you don’t need to have a diagnosed condition to get support, and results, with our team of NDs, here are a list of things that we see a lot:

Each Naturopathic Doctor on our team has a special interest in, and spends a lot of their time researching in a particular area / condition. To be matched with the best ND for your condition check out our programs pages or reach out to our Patient Care Coordinators.

What to expect during a visit?

For a thorough understanding of what labs and investigations may be completed based on your specific condition please see our conditions pages. 

In general, before your visit you will be sent thorough intake forms and an ‘Authorization of Release’, which is simply a document that allows us to access your past lab work and investigations. 

During the visit, we will get into much more detail about your symptoms and help you to connect the dots of how they are all related. At the end of the visit you will receive a list of recommended lab tests, supplements, diet and lifestyle suggestions and other pertinent resources. We go into a lot of detail about the costs and commitment required for each of these pieces, there are options for every single budget and we don’t over do it! You will always leave with a plan that feels perfect for you, your lifestyle and your budget.

During in person visits physical exams, blood pressure, temperature, digestive and cardiac investigations and more might also be completed. If these are required for those with virtual appointments then we will refer you to someone nearby!

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Naturopathic Doctors Consult Fees

Dr. Sarah is not accepting new patients. To be added to the waitlist and learn more about the opportunities to work with her please contact

Dr. Sarah Wilson, ND Consultations Price
Follow up $125
Second appointment and extended follow up $190
Return patient (1+ year since last visit) / 1hr follow up $250
Initial Visit $300
Complex Fertility / Chronic Health Initial $425
Other ND Consultations Price
Follow up $95
Second appointment and extended follow up $145
Return patient (1+ year since last visit) / 1hr follow up $190
Initial Visit $235
Complex Fertility / Chronic Health Initial $330

Our Practitioners

Dr. Sarah Wilson, ND
Dr. Micaela Gregory, ND
Dr. Michelle Mussar, ND
Dr. Kristen Mark, ND
Dr. Courtney Clayson-Russell, ND
Dr. Sarah Kiss, ND

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