Advanced Women’s Health is a premier medical clinic that provides evidence based integrated medical care catering to women’s hormonal health. After struggling for years with her health, founder, Dr. Sarah Wilson, Naturopathic Doctor, became passionate about ensuring that no woman would feel alone or dismissed in her journey to feel well. Our vision is to create a community in which women are educated and supported. No woman should feel alone in the face of hormonal chaos and every woman has the right to want the healthiest pregnancy, postpartum period and perimenopausal transition. No woman should feel ‘complicated’ leaving a medical appointment, only empowered and hopeful.

Mission & Values


When women are at their best communities and businesses thrive.

We are on a mission to help professional women, busy Mom’s and Momma’s to be to not only reclaim their health, but also take a proactive approach to wellness.

In today’s chaotic world it can seem impossible to balance it all and stay healthy, but AHW is here to help make that goal do-able!


  • We listen- no women should go unheard, or be told they are just ‘getting older’ when they express a desire to be at their best.
  • No stone goes unturned- we offer comprehensive investigations
  • We are not a typical Doctor’s office- we redefine the patient experience
  • Evidence based protocols- our practitioner are always learning and staying up to date on the latest research
  • Proactive health- we are entering a time of evolving health consciousness. Not only are women seeking to get healthy, but also to stay healthy. This is our passion.
  • Sustainable results- there will be no fad diets here. Not only are our plans sustainable, but we provide the support you need to achieve your goals.
  • Laughter- at AWH we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We want to have fun every day and believe that you can excel in your career and not be so serious.