With the evolving health consciousness movement, more and more couples are investigating not only how to make a baby but how to prepare their bodies for the healthiest baby! The quality of the egg AND sperm are quite literally everything. Transgenerational health is a buzz word in the baby makin’ community these days because we now know that viruses, bacterial imbalances, trauma patterns, environmental exposures, hormonal imbalances and changes in genetic expression are all being passed down, generation to generation. Couples are waking up to this and wanting to be at their best! (And we are obsessed with this!)

“I am Fertile” is the couples version of our signature program “Health Mom, Happy Baby” which takes you from preconception throughout babies first year. Here we are focusing specifically on preconception. In the 4-6 months before you start trying to conceive we will be working to optimize your detoxification, nutrient stores, digestive system and hormone balance. Our goal is to reduce and inflammation and optimize egg and sperm quality (which takes about 100 days).

The fact that we need a full physical exam and comprehensive blood work to apply for life insurance, but not to create a new life, is mind boggling to me! Why do we not want to ensure health before embarking on one of the most transformative journeys of our lives. We know we are preaching to the choir here though, because you are here to be proactive and take charge of your health!

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Wellness Plans

The Advanced Women’s Health I am Fertile Plan!

Phase 1 – Hormonal Balance!

Unfortunately, in today’s day and age it is rare for a woman to have painless, 28 day periods with a perfect flow and no PMS symptoms. Hormone imbalances and inflammation come together and result in menstrual cycle chaos. If you experience short cycles, long cycles, period pain, PMS, acne, weight struggles or any number of other cyclical symptoms then we have some work to do to balance your hormones and inflammation levels. Even if you have no overt symptoms, this phase allows us to complete the testing we need to screen for unseen issues.

In male partners the focus is on testosterone, estrogen and metabolic hormones. In the last few decades we have seen a huge changes in sperm count and quality. So much so that the standards for a ‘normal’ semen analysis have decreased dramatically. There are many reasons for this, including environmental toxins, stress, more heat exposure (think computers on your lap!) but a major one is hormone imbalances and what we will discuss below with antioxidant status.

Phase 2- Detox & AntiOx

Egg and sperm quality are literally pivotal to the success of your conception journey! And environmental toxins, heavy metals, inflammation and low antioxidants can take their toll. In Phase 2 we will ensure that your diet and nutrient intake are not only optimized to your hormones, but are positioned to ensure you are eliminating properly and getting what you need to improve egg and sperm quality. Research has shown over and over again that specific supplements, dietary changes and small lifestyle changes can have a huge impact! 

This phase starts 3-4 months before conception, as it takes 100 days to influence the developing eggs and sperm. After this we have healthy hormones and a healthy environment for the baby to grow, now it’s time to get to the fun part! 

Phase 3- The Fun Part

I don’t know about you but growing up led many of us here to believe that unprotected sex= pregnancy! So it must be easy to make a baby right? To the surprise of many you can actually only get pregnant one day out of the month! In Phase 3 we will discuss just how to get pregnant. During Phase 3 many women are also exploring acupuncture to help with stress levels and conception rates. 

You are pregnant! Yay! Now what? We are here for you! Our programs don’t stop at a positive HCG stick. We are here to support you throughout your pregnancy, even through labour and delivery, into the babies first year. Being a parent can be challenging, but our goal is to make your start just a little bit easier!

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