Can we do it all? That seems to be the big question in today’s day and age. Not only is the world not getting any slower, but the pressures on women seem to be skyrocketing! You need to be the best mother, employee, business owner, have the best body, healthiest lunches and the list goes on. It is never ending and many women are on the brink of burn out! Busy Women, Angry Hormones is our signature program that is set up to help you to undo the effects of stress and start to take proactive steps towards managing the inflammation, hormonal chaos, fatigue and mood changes. Can you do it all? Probably, but you can’t do any of it without your health and we are here to ensure you have that!

What are signs that you have “Angry Hormones?”

  • Exhaustion or feeling tired but wired
  • Anxiety, depression, apathy or irritability 
  • Constant feelings of overwhelm
  • Issues falling or staying asleep
  • PMS, acne, period changes, pain with your period
  • Hair loss 
  • Low libido – who has time for sex anyways?!
  • Cravings! 
  • Weight changes
  • Aches and pains
  • Brain fog and memory changes
  • Digestive issues
  • Yeast infections
  • Poor immune system

These things are nudging you to listen to the fact that your body may not be coping as well as you think it is! The good news is that our three phase plan it set up to help you reverse those symptoms and feel like yourself again, naturally!


There are genes that dictate how well you deal with stress, how long your feel the effects of a stressful event, how well your body makes and processes hormones and even how inflamed you are? These things can have a huge impact on your health and hormones and without understanding them your treatments and lifestyle changes might not be as effective as they should be!

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Wellness Plans

The Advanced Women’s Health Busy Woman, Angry Hormones Plan!

Phase 1 – Inflammation and Blood Sugar balance!

Eliminating hidden sources of stress is one of the most important things that you can do because it allows you to handle your day to day life with so much more ease! When talking about stress, I always use the bucket analogy. You only have so much that you can handle in a day before the overflow, that overflow being symptoms. So if you have blood sugar imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, gut bacterial issues or any number of other hidden stresses then you are starting the day with a ‘full bucket’. In that case any added mental emotional stress is adding to your already overloaded ‘bucket’ and it causes an overflow. Kid has a melt down, boss gives you a new project, hit every red light on the way to work? Symptoms, symptoms, symptoms. In Phase 1 we will be addressing the biggest sources of hidden stress, inflammation, blood sugar imbalances and nutrients.

Some of the many things we will explore in Phase 1 include:

  • Testing and correcting nutrients such as Vitamin D, B12, iron
  • Evaluating your personal blood sugar balance and creating custom meal plans to support that
  • Supporting your personal physiological response to stress and breakdown of stress chemicals
  • Correcting digestive issues, yeast overgrowth and other sources of inflammation
  • Evaluating and personalizing your movement/ exercise plans

Phase 2- Brain Health and Hormonal Health

When your body has spent so long believing that it was stressed out and running from a bear we sometimes need to convince it that it is finally safe to calm back down. This is known as correcting the HPA (hypothalamic – pituitary – adrenal) axis set point – because your body is hypervigilant and trying to protect you. Now just because the word ‘adrenal’ is in there this does not mean adrenal fatigue treatment! That is a conversation for another day but your adrenals want to work, it is your brain that needs to be convinced. This is also why hormones are so dramatically affected by stress! Your brain is the master commander telling everything else what to do and in Phase 2 we are getting it to send the right signals.

Some of the many things we will explore in Phase 2 include:

  • Testing for the signals your brain is sending- this includes FSH, LH, TSH (yes, the brain controls your thyroid too!)
  • Identification and education about your personal stress type
  • Hormonal testing including estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA-s, cortisol
  • Herbal support for the HPA and HPO axis
  • Lifestyle support for a busy active lifestyle 

Phase 3- Reduce the Rusting and Maintain it

No one wants to age, and if you have to then you want to age like Maye Musk, right? So do we! A huge part of that process is not letting inflammation, hormonal imbalance and something called ‘oxidative stress’ rule your life. Oxidative stress is like rusting. When the metal on your car interacts with oxygen it becomes brittle and if not controlled the whole system can break down. The same is true in your body except we have something called antioxidants that help to clean up the damage before it gets out of control. In Phase 3 we focus on reducing the rusting so that your body can cope in the face of our day to day life and maintain your good health. 

Phase 3 is also about fine tuning your personalized stress patterns so that you can take proactive steps to avoid burnout. Work a bit too hard and feeling stress creep in- we have a treatment for that! Go a little over the top with the indulgent treats and beverages, we have hangover support and sugar reset programs (yup, we are realistic!). Need an energy boost, we have our vitamin shots for you! You will be set up for success and living the Happy Hormone” life that we want for everyone!

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