Naturopathic  Medicine

Dr. Sarah Consultations Price
Initial Naturopathic Consultation $250
Under 18- Initial Naturopathic Consultation $230
Initial Fertility/ Complex Case review Consultation $275
Extended Naturopathic Follow Up $200
Second visit and Lab Review Appointment $150
Naturopathic Follow Up Visit $100
Acupuncture Visit- In office  $100


Dr. Micaela Consultations Price
Initial Naturopathic Consultation $225
Under 18- Initial Naturopathic Consultation $190
Initial Complex Fertility Consultation $280
Extended Naturopathic Follow Up $180
Second visit and Lab Review Appointment $135
Naturopathic Follow Up Visit $90

Social Work

Time Consult Type Fee
50 minutes Social Work Appointment  $120 (No HST)
Sliding scale option available. Please discuss with your practitioner.

Massage Therapy

Time Consult Type Fee
60 minute RMT Initial Appointment $100
75 minute RMT Initial Appointment $125
45 minute RMT  $85
60 minute RMT $100
75 minute RMT $125

Dee Dorrance, CNP

Nutrition Coaching  

Nutrition sessions are 1:1 appointments with Dee, to work on your personal health goals. Dee works with you at your own pace and in the style that suits you best. 

Initial Consultation – $160 + HST 

The Initial Consultation is the first step in working together. The Initial Consultation includes two sessions. 

Session 1: Intake 

Dee takes a full health history, and understands your health goals, nutrition concerns, your lifestyle, food preferences, schedule + all of the information she needs to create a customized nutrition plan for you.

Session 2: Plan Delivery 

This session is designed to review the plan together. The plan will include:

  • Best foods to include in your diet
  • Foods/ingredients to avoid 
  • 2 week customized meal plan 
  • Custom Grocery Lists 
  • Lifestyle Recommendations
  • Access to resources including Kitchen Clean-Out Guides, Meal Prep Guides and more 

Dee will provide the necessary information and support, helping you with ways to implement the plan in a way that suits you best. The goal is to have you feeling confident and excited when the session is complete, so that you’re ready to embark on the changes you’ll make! 

Follow Up – $90 + HST 

Follow-up sessions provide continued support and are recommended every 4-6 weeks. They may be used for progress reports, nutrition plan updates, grocery shopping assistance, help in the kitchen and more. Follow Up sessions include:

  • Review of what’s working & recommendations for what needs to be adjusted 
  • Updated 7 day meal plan or recipe book 
  • Email support between follow ups is available for quick questions and accountability for up to 6 weeks 

Meal Planning Services

Customized meal plans are a great option to help you prep healthy meals based on your particular health needs. Meal plans can also serve as inspiration or as a general meal guide. The plan will include recipes customized to the condition you are dealing with (e.g. PCOS, Hashimoto’s, endometriosis, fertility, etc.). The meal plan will include options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. 

To purchase a meal plan, please indicate which option you would like. The plan will be created based on a short questionnaire regarding your health needs and any allergies/restrictions you might have. 

2 Week Customized Meal Plan – $50 + HST ($25 per week) 

1 Month Customized Meal Plan – $75 + HST ($20 per week)

3 Month Customized Meal Plan – $205 + HST ($17 per week)


Appointment Times

Our standard follow up appointment time is typically 30 minutes. Follow up visits of 45 or 60 minutes are typical for your second visit, when lab results are discussed or for visits requiring detailed explanation or reassessment (after a prolonged period of time since your last appointment, to customize meals plans etc)

Email or telephone consultations may be scheduled for patients who are in Ontario and unable to attend the clinic in person.


Many extended insurance plans cover consultation fees for Naturopathic Doctors. We do offer Direct Billing, please fill out the forms on the page.

Please check with your employer or insurance provider to find out how much of the relevant coverage you have.


We offer custom blended tinctures and a full supplement dispensary for your convenience, so that you can leave with everything you need to get started right away! We also offer our supplements through Full Script, if you would rather order your supplements online and have them shipped to you directly.

Lab Requisitions and Kits

We use a variety of lab providers to support diagnosis and provide you with more effective treatment. Testing is not always required and you will always have the option to proceed with or without testing.

Lab fees are separate from visit fees, and will be billed separately. Our labs are not covered by provincial health insurance and are private pay only.

You will receive detailed instructions and/or a kit for any testing purchased. Your results will be added to your patient portal as the results become available. The results wait time varies depending on the type of test.

Patient Cancellation Policy

In order to ensure that all patients can get an appointment in a timely manner we do strictly enforce our cancellation policy. A new patient appointment booking requires 72 hours notice for cancellation. This allows us to offer day appointment to another patient waiting and gives them time to fill in appropriate forms etc. For follow up appointments we ask for 24 hours notice. In the case of an emergency we will always do our best to support you, we ask that you contact us ASAP. Appointments cancelled beyond the cancellation window and completely missed appointments are subject to the full visit fee.

Return and Refund Policy

Unopened supplements may be returned within 30 days of purchase. Refunds cannot be offered for custom blended tinctures, custom ordered supplements, probiotics, or food products (such as protein powders).

Lab testing kits and requisitions can be returned within 60 days if unused.

Please present your receipt and card used to make the purchase for refunds.